1. HIGHLY recommend!

    Wes is awesome. The level of quality is unmatched. You wouldn't even know there were dents on our show mustangs! HIGHLY recommend!…Read More

    Gavin & Sheila
  2. The Best

    Wes is the best paintless dent repair specialist I know. He's very very professional and extremely talented.…Read More

    Ray, Fort Collins
  3. Great Work

    Dent-Away was very helpful in getting my door dings fixed in just 1 hour. And I can't even see where they were. Thanks for the great work!…Read More

    Steve, Loveland
  4. Excellent Job

    I recently took my new Volvo to a local body shop to get my car repaired. The estimate was over $600 for a dent. I was referred to Dent-Away by a co-worker and they were able to fix it for just $150. Dent-Away did an excellent job. I will continue to refer Dent-Away to everyone I know.…Read More

    Robin, Fort Collins
  5. Exemplary Experience

    The experience I had with Dent-Away can be best described as exemplary. I own an 07 Subaru STI, and over the course of six months, it has endured the inevitable door dings that any car will pick up in northern Colorado over time. As an automotive finish and paint enthusiast, I am very sensitive about discrepancies in my cars appearance, and even more careful about whom I allow to work on my car. I…Read More

    Nathan M.
  6. Dent-Away, It is the real deal…

    Yes sir, you heard it here – I am another satisfied customer. That Paintless Dent Removal does work. I had two small dents and Wes was able to rub them out in the privacy of my garage. I’m not even able to see where they use to be. I’ll leave it up to those of you that saw my blemishes to back this up tomorrow at the Show. Yea - I'm happy - It's the little things in life, you know…Read More

    ​Jeff S., Fort Collins
  7. Superb Job

    Hi Wes, I have been late in thanking you for the superb job you and the auto shop did on repairs to my Elantra. Looks as good as new. ​Workmanship - Outstanding. Not a ding was missed-not even a small one. ​Thanks again for your efforts in getting through insurance process and the end product.…Read More

    Jared I., Fort Collins